🟩5.1 Strategic Decision Committee

Strategic Decision Committee is the highest decision-making body of the Bayesian Foundation. Its main goal is to discuss and resolve important decision-making issues in the process of community development, such as:

● Modify the governance structure and articles of association of the foundation

● The appointment and rotation resolution of the secretary general of the foundation

● Appointment and removal of executive directors and heads of functional committees

● Bayesian's development strategy decision

● Changes and upgrades of Bayesian core technologies

The term of office of the members of the strategic decision-making committee and the chairman of the foundation is one year, and the chairman of the foundation cannot serve for more than two consecutive terms. After the term of the decision-making committee expires, the community will vote to select 50 community representatives according to the consensus mechanism and then vote to select 7 core members of the decision-making committee to make decisions on behalf of the Bayesian Foundation.

Important matters involving the development of Bayesian need to be voted by the decision-making committee by registered voting. Each decision-making committee member has one vote, and the chairman of the foundation has two votes. Decisions made by the decision-making committee must be approved by more than half of all the incumbent committee members.

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