🟩4.1 Highlights & Advantages

1、Business model: Bayesian deflationary model; innovative supercomputing platform data model, AI intelligent technology leads the future of the decentralized network;

2、Leading technology: a number of experts and technical cores in the field of AI supercomputing, a sufficient talent pool, a solid underlying technology, and a decentralized computer protocol that is more advanced than global peers;

3、Business frontier: Based in California, the largest state in the US economy, with Los Angeles and San Diego as the base, radiating Stanford University, California Institute of Technology, University of Southern California, and other global Ivy League universities, building a mature operation, business, and sales system, elites It has rich experience, a wide range of academic application scenarios, and many talent practice bases;

4、Technical bottom layer: With the world-renowned public chain Godechain (token GODE) Yuanshen public chain as the underlying technology, Godechain has currently solved the problems of running concurrency speed and technical security, and is expected to become the leader of the public chain in the future;

5、Bayesian is gradually extending and expanding from the protocol layer - the data layer - the application layer - the value layer, and the commercial application value continues to rise.

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