🟩3.2 Deflationary value

Value 1: The ultimate destruction, the value of Baye's scarcity, and the increase in the unit price of the token

Supply and demand affect the price. All other things being equal, the price will rise as the supply of Baye tokens decreases. After the destruction of Baye, the circulation in the market will be reduced, the current situation of supply exceeding demand will occur, and the price of individual coins will gradually rise. Each time the destruction is completed, it marks the formal entry of Baye into the era of extreme deflation, which will help build the Baye ecological community and stimulate the deep value of Baye.

Value 2: Incentivize all token holders

Destruction essentially motivates all Baye holders, and the Baye held by all will receive equal value empowerment, which is conducive to building a more sticky and cohesive Baye community ecology, and plays a role in community governance and the long- term development of the project. more pronounced. According to the law of conservation, under the condition of constant value, the less the circulation of Baye, the higher the price. Therefore, to a certain extent, Baye's destruction mechanism can encourage holders to continue to hold or add purchases, thereby creating a virtuous cycle.

Value 3: Holding Baye is one of Baye's shareholders, and can enjoy the dividend of token value increase

As an ecological incentive token, Baye plays a role in promoting future development. The token is equivalent to the shares of traditional enterprises. In the blockchain industry, holding project tokens means owning the shares of the project, and then can Get a share of the profit of the project ecology. Therefore, we say that holding Baye is one of Baye's shareholders. Through the ultimate destruction mechanism of Baye ecology, the number of tokens on the market is reduced, and the price is increased. Although they do not get direct profits as "shareholders", they can make them Dividends are distributed in the way of the appreciation of Baye tokens in hand.

Baye's destruction mechanism allows mine owners to obtain greater market dividends. This fair and just design have formed positive feedback for the entire ecology, and at the same time, deflation has been effectively controlled. Through this initiative, all supporters can enjoy the value increase brought by Baye's total deflation.

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