🟩3.1 Token distribution

Platform Name: Bayesian

Platform token: Baye

Number of issued: 3.1415926 billion (Source Ο€)

Through the Bayesian deflation model, deflation to 10% year by year: 314.15926 million.

Technical keywords: AI supercomputing, decentralized computing network protocol, distributed AI intelligent mechanism, probability, Exchangeability, Classification Real-Time Prediction, Recommendation System, Constructing Transfer Matrix, Value Transfer Timestamp.

Main sponsors: Bayesian Institute (Mountain View, CA); CIAI Southern California Institute of Artificial Intelligence; CIAI’s many famous experts and professors , 100+ PhDs in computer and AI artificial intelligence, 2000+ scholars in the field of supercomputing in Southern California;

Academic application cooperation institutions: governments, hospitals, schools, banks, large supercomputing centers, scientific research institutions, technology groups and e-commerce companies, Internet social platforms, and ordinary users without borders and regions around the world.

The specific allocation ratio of Baye is:

● Bayesian Foundation: 5%(starts 6 months after the official online launch and is released linearly over 36 months.οΌ‰

● Public sale: 5%(50% locked position, to be released in 3 months after launching on the exchangeοΌ‰

● Community airdrop activity: 5 %

● Bayesian Institute team: 10%(starts 6 months after the official online launch and is released linearly over 36 months.οΌ‰

● Private equity investors: 5%

● Node mining reward: 70%

Mining partial release formula:

The variable S represents the proportion of tokens released by mining rewards to the total number of tokens.

The variable t represents the number of months since the token sale.

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