🟩4.5 WEB3 and the Metaverse

Empowering the Construction of WEB3.0 and Metaverse

One-stop encryption aggregation platform

In the future, Bayesian will create several application scenarios, covering WEB3.0 aggregation platform, meta-universe space mall, Defi decentralized metallic financing, NFT trading platform and NFT pledge lending, Swap, MetaFi, and more application scenarios Baye is the circulation pass. baye comes with WEB3.0 attributes, Bayesian platform unique NFT Casting, destruction, rights, and interests mechanism will also allow the Defi of NFT to be more robust long-term development.

In the future, Bayesian Business Body Declaration will continue to cooperate with leading platforms of global blockchain information, transaction, and financial data. Make its Bayesian account's one-click hit, login to major platforms with Baye's account, and view the points corresponding to each decentralized arithmetic service project; support the storage transfer of Baye pass points; support the fastest and authoritative release of Bayesian community-related news; support the airdrop exchange and trading of Baye pass points, etc.

In the future, Bayesian will work with partners around the world to combine the top academic computing resources and cutting-edge technology research and development resources in China and the United States to jointly promote the progress of distributed computing and other fields, so that computing power can become the fundamental driving force of the next stage of human civilization.

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