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Dr. Amir Jaderzadeh, is the professor at the University of Southern California; Postdoc at Harvard University; PhD in Computer Science, University of Strasbourg. Amir is an internationally recognized expert in big data, artificial intelligence and supercomputing systems, and has published dozens of professional papers. At the same time, Amir is also an internationally renowned AI supercomputing algorithm engineer, mainly responsible for the research and development of distributed algorithms; He is also the leader of the computer vision application team, leading the team in developing distributed applications for face recognition.

Tim Rouse, director of the Intelligent Writing Project, has a master's degree in engineering from NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY, a bachelor's degree in engineering from WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY, as a senior data scientist and AI artificial intelligence engineer, skilled in AI, Machine Learning and Python-based technologies as well as experience in system prototyping, modeling and simulation, and compatible with massive data migration and distributed storage. Tim is mainly responsible for the implementation of distributed NLP projects in the Supercomputing Center, including the optimization of various algorithms and the scheduling of computing forces in the decentralized environment.

Ayden is a master of data science at New York University and a bachelor of computing science at Columbia University. With 13 years of experience in AI development, he is proficient in core algorithms, computer vision and natural language processing, and is good at using a variety of AI intelligent machine learning libraries, such as PyTorch, Tensorflow, Keras, Caffe, NLTK, SpaCy, Scikit left and OpenCV. At present, Ayden leads the research and development team to engage in the research and development of smart city projects, and to realize the image processing of traffic cameras and traffic management in the environment of decentralized computing power center.

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